Successful Project and Equipment Grants awarded for funding by the Research Committee in 2015

Coalfields Cancer Support Group Equipment Grant Fund

Madhu Garg, Stephen Ackland - Medical Oncology

“Essential Speed Vacuum Concentrator Equipment required for analysis of Cancer Patients Samples “

Jennette Sakoff, Jayne Gilbert, Lisa Lincz – Medical Oncology

“Gel Imager for the detection and analysis of DNA and protein changes in biological samples”

James Lawrie Grant Fund  

Chris Wratten, Anne Vertigan - Radiation Oncology

“Improving the impact on swallowing and voice production for patients with lymphoedema as a result of head or neck cancer treatment”

Peter Greer, Mahesh Kumar, Haylea Richardson, Saadallah Ramadan, Jameen Arm, Peter Lau, Jason Dowling, Chris Wratten – Radiation Oncology

“Improving head and neck radiation therapy using MRI based treatment planning”

Jane Reid Harle Memorial Grant Fund

Adeola Ayoola, James Lynam – Medical Oncology

”Design, Implementation and Validation of a Patient Decision Aid to Enable an Informed, Patient Centred Decision of Adjuvant Management in Patients with Stage 1 Testicular Cancer Following Surgery”

Peter Greer, Jarad Martin, Peter Pichler, Jason Dowling – Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology

“A prospective study of MRI based prostate treatment planning”

Margaret Mitchell Grant Fund

Christopher Scarlett/ Jennette Sakoff – Medical Oncology

“Novel Drug Leads for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment”


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