Successful Project and Equipment Grants awarded for funding by the Research Committee in 2014

Coalfields Cancer Support Group Equipment Grant Fund

Jennette Sakoff, Jayne Gilbert - Medical Oncology

“Screening platform for the identification and development of novel small molecules for the treatment of cancer”

Anoop K Enjeti, Lisa Lincz - Haematology

“Nanosight' technology to visualise and evaluate circulating Microparticles”

James Lawrie Grant Fund 

Ben Britton, Amanda Baker, Chris Wratten, Gregory Carter, Luke Wolfenden, Alison Beck, Judy Bauer, Craig Sadler - Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

“Improving Radiotherapy outcomes with smoking cessation: Pilot trial in head and neck cancer patients”

Jane Reid Harle Memorial Research Grant Scheme

Jennette Sakoff, Jayne Gilbert, Adam McCluskey - Medical Oncology

“New drug combination strategies for the treatment of breast cancer”

Margaret Mitchell Grant Fund

Anne Capp, Peter Stanwell, Claire Dempsey, Michael Jones, Geetha Govinarajulu - Radiation Oncology

“Multi-parametic MRI as an outcome predictor for cervical cancer treated with radiotherapy”

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