Successful Project and Equipment Grants awarded for funding by the Research Committee in 2011

Coalfields Cancer Support Group Equipment Grant Fund

Peter Greer, Colin Tang - Radiation Oncology

"MatriXX ion-chamber array for research into real-time patient dose verification during complex and rotational radiotherapy fields"

Fiona Scorgie, Lisa Lincz - Hunter Haematology Research Group

"Funding Request for Freezer Alarms and Installation"

Lisa Lincz, Fiona Scorgie - Hunter Haematology Research Group

"Upgrading Office Computers for the Hunter Haematology Research Group"

Jayne Gilbert, Jennett Sakoff, Madhu Garg - Medical Oncology

"Essential inverted microscope and digital imaging equipment for visualisation of cancer cells"

James Lawrie Grant Fund

Kristie Harrison, Patricia Ostwald - Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology

"Clinical Evaluation of electron and photon junctions with dynamic intensity modulation for head and neck treatments"

Jane Reid Harle Memorial Grant Scheme

Jennette Sakoff, Lisa Lincz - Medical Oncology and Haematology

"Anti-oxidant modification of leukocyte telomere dynamics"

Colin Tang, Peter Greer - Radiation Oncology

"pHART (Prostate Hypofractionated Accelerated Radio Therapy) - Phase II randomised study of image-guided hypofractionated radiotherapy for low- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer incorporating the use of endorectal balloons"

Wig Week Grant Fund

Li Hua Chen, Xu Dong Zhang - Oncology & Immunology Unit

"Targeting prosurvival mechanisms to Sensitise Human Melanoma to Immunotherapy"

Li Dong, Xu Dong Zhang - Oncology & Immunology Unit

"ASPPs in regulation of chemosensitivity in human melanoma cells"

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