Ms Ludmilla (Milly) Sneesby
(RN RM Ba (nursing), Masters in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Palliative Care )

DepartmentPalliative Care
Research AreasSocial Needs, Supportive Care, Palliative Care
Research TopicsSuicide and Self-Harm, End of Life Care, Nurses? Experience in Palliative Care
Research TypesQualitative

Ms Sneesby has been conducting research in the Palliative Care Department at Calvary Mater Newcastle since 2007. Her main interests include symptom control, clinical concerns, ethical and moral issues, cultural aspects, end of life care and nursing issues. She is currently working on her PhD thesis entitled: ?Ethical and moral dilemmas faced by families, health care professionals and health care workers in caring for dying people in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A discourse analysis?. 


Ms Sneesby also holds a conjoint lecturer appointment at the University of Newcastle.



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  • "Nutrition and hydration in dying patients: the experience and perceptions of nurses in acute care settings". Accepted for publication in the Journal of clinical nursing.


Getting to know you

When did you start doing research? 


What is your most significant contribution to research?

Contribution to the Palliative care knowledge base. Research that benefits Nurses and patients.


What research achievement are you most proud of?


Hydration and Nutrition at the End of Life ? evidence which influenced nurse education.

What inspires you?

The people I care for.


What did you do before coming to work at the Calvary Mater Newcastle?


Nothing ? been here forever.


What did you do before you became a researcher?


I've been a nurse and still am.


What made you decide to do research?


When I studied my masters my tutors made me believe it was possible!


What was your first / worst / best / strangest / memorable /etc job in research?


Can't think of any.


What do you do to relax?


Watch MKR. 


What is the craziest thing you have ever had to do "in the name of research"?


For recruitment, I arranged a BBQ and soccer match between Jets supporters and a Sudanese team. The Jets supporter's team were very happy when the opposition scored as they enjoyed watching the Sudanese celebrate. I managed to recruit some participants!


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