Collaborative Health Services

Identifying how to best promote turning research into policy and practice is a key prerequisite to ensuring our community can benefit from the research we do.  For this reason health services research, which may include examining how to plan and structure the services we provide to deliver the best care we can, seeks to ensure that research undertaken addresses the questions health service decision-makers need answered.

Calvary Mater Newcastle is well positioned as a living laboratory for health services research. While a busy general hospital, Calvary Mater Newcastle staff include experienced health policy and health services researchers who can collaborate or discuss ideas for research projects to answer specific questions pertaining to health services delivery.

One specific area of interest concerns researching the role that social disadvantage has in determining a person's use of health services. The benefit the person derives, and how health services can be structured to serve communities in ways they most need.  Calvary Mater Newcastle health services researchers work with senior health system managers to construct research which can provide solutions to critical service delivery issues.

For more information, or to discuss the possibility of collaborative health services research, please contact A/Prof Rosemary Aldrich, Director Medical Services.

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