Alcohol and Drug Unit

The Alcohol and DrugĀ Unit provides assessment and compassionate treatment for people with drug and alcohol problems, and support for their families. Assessment, withdrawal treatment, relapse prevention and specific programs are provided for alcohol, cannabis, psychostimulants, benzodiazepines, nicotine and opioid use, including buprenorphine assisted opioid withdrawal. Individual counselling and education is provided to patients, friends and family. Referral to associated drug and alcohol services is facilitated where appropriate. The department also offers non-clinical service provision including education sessions, psychology, nursing and medical student placements and university related teaching through conjoint appointments. This unit has no specific full time researchers, however participates in clinical research and other projects jointly with Hunter New England Drug and Alcohol Services, University of Newcastle and other research institutions as appropriate.

Meet our Alcohol and Drug Unit researchers.

Contact: Craig Sadler, Director Alcohol and Drug Unit

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