Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the investigation, diagnosis and management of tumours and malignant diseases, including preventative and palliative medicine. In Australia, all medical oncologists are fellows of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and members of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia ( Medical oncologists at Calvary Mater Newcastle provide a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment in conjunction with radiotherapists, surgeons, clinicians and clinical trial co-ordinators to deliver specialist oncology services including chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Research efforts combine both clinical trials and laboratory based investigations aimed at developing better treatments and new drugs to combat the disease. The team also collaborates with scientists and other specialists in order to conduct research into various related areas, including cancer biology, therapeutics, epidemiology and clinical outcomes, as well as health education, ethics and clinical care.

Meet our Medical Oncology researchers.

Contact: Dr Tony Bonaventura, Director Medical Oncology

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